The Beggar's Ball

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21 Country Dances mit engl. Tanzanleitungen
Musik von The Assembley Players

Toney's Rant
Twas O'er the Hills and Far Away
The Soldier and the Sailer
Iantha the Lovely
Broom, the Bonny bonny Broom
Ladies of London
Of Noble Race was Shinkin
Old Hob
The London Gentlewoman
The Fryar and the Nun
Constant Billey
Geenwich Park
Slaughter House
The Bonny Gray Ey'd Morn
A Poor Shepard in Love
Round About Our Coal Fire
Merry Milk Maids
Winifred's Knot
Wou'd You Have a Young Virgin
Happy Clown
King of Poland

The Assembley Players: 

Nicolas Broadbridge - Accordion
Aidan Broadbridge - Violin
Brian K. Prentice - Piano

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