The Pride & Prejudice Collection II

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17 Country Dances mit engl. Tanzanleitungen
Musik von The Pemberley Players
Die Tanzbeschreibungen finden sie hier als Produktdatenblatt

Auretti’s Dutch Skipper
The Barley Mow
Mr Beveridge’s Maggot
Gathering Peascods
Gray's-Inn Mask 
The Happy Captive
The Hole in the Wall
Jacob Hall’s Jig
Jenny Pluck Pears
The Juice of Barley
The Lasses of Portsmouth
Lord How’s Jigg
Mutual Love
Rufty Tufty
Shrewsbury Lasses
Trip to Highgate
Wildboar’s Maggot

This Second Volume in the Pride and Prejudice Collection contains more of the Jane Austen film and TV dances. 
In the earliest stages of planning it became clear that little had been done to interpret the dances from the “Apted” Collection to their original tunes.

Referring to the original book, Reg Battle set about the task of interpretation, bearing in mind the dialogue between 17th to 19th Century dance techniques and current expectations.  This will undoubtedly give a new look to some of the more familiar dances from this Collection. We have also added our favourite “Gems” - those dances that stand out in the Country Dance repertoire, but these days don’t often get an outing!

This is a Multi-Media CD - so if you have a computer you can see and print the dance notations. Also included are the original notations and interesting ‘tit-bits’, such as how the dance was performed in the TV or film production.

The Pemberley Players: 
Stephen Fellowes - Flute
Jeanne Mann - Violin
David Fleming-Williams - Violin
Jonathan Cohen - Piano
Isobel Walsby - Cello 

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